I survived another earthquake

This time it was a 5.8-5.9. That’s a bit more impressive than that that dinky little 3.6 from a year ago. Figures that Maryland decides that earthquakes are fun times after I’ve become a property owner. Also, hurricanes, maybe.

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Look, I find the electronic highway signs Maryland has all over the place announcing a “TERROR TIPS?” phone number rather silly — drivers around here are far too busy driving erratically to bother — but I can’t help but think that letters to the governor and Department of Transportation complaining about them would be more effective if they didn’t contain incendiary devices. (Wait, is that in itself considered a TERROR TIP? Where’s my phone….)

I survived!

In case anyone was worried, yes, I did survive the strongest recorded earthquake in Maryland history.

On the skillfulness of Maryland drivers, or the lack thereof

I may have the perfect anecdote to describe the average Maryland driver’s complete inability to handle any winter precipitation on the road, despite how getting snow or ice isn’t that unusual during winter.

This morning, there was maybe an inch of loose, powdery snow on the ground. On my commute, I had to change lanes to avoid a car jutting halfway into the right lane after having failed to allow for adequate stopping distance. Just before I passed, said car was in turn rear-ended by another car who likewise had failed to allow for adequate stopping distance.

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