What’s in a name?

“Soon” this blog will be moving to a new server. The hosting itself is all lined up, but now I need a domain name. (OK, technically I don’t need one, but it’d be very nice to have.)

I have lots of ideas for good domain names. Alas, most of them are already taken. Here’s what I’ve considered (and, as appropriate, reasons they’ve been rejected). If you’ve got any other suggestions, post them!

Already taken. No surprise there.
Available, but let’s be honest, why not get a domain name that people can actually spell? Say….
Already taken.
Available, but unspellable.com is a generic squatter site. Not exactly someone I want to be namespace neighbors with.
Or, “k, nine letters, z” (see also: i18n, l10n, m17n, a11y, etc.). Taken, surprisingly. That’s probably for the best, though — k9z.org sounds like a site about dogs written by someone who considers -z an acceptable suffix for making a noun plural.
Statistically speaking, this is how my last name is most commonly pronounced. Alas, this domain name is also taken.
Available, but a bit longer than I’d like.
Also available, and this one might actually be acceptable.
As much as I’d like to make anyone who visits my website lose The Game, it’s already taken by a squatter.

And… nothing else springs to mind at the moment. I’m open to suggestions; otherwise, I’ll probably end up going with captderiv.org.

More Links

Some more links have been added to the sidebar:

Also, note that there’s now a link to the RSS feed for comments to this blog. The feed’s always been there, but now there’s a way for you to find out about it.


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Anyone who glances over to the right side of the page will notice I’ve performed a much-needed overhaul to the list of off-site links. Have fun.

Trackbacks = Deleted

I’ve disabled pingbacks and trackbacks on this blog indefinitely. You can thank the spammer currently hammering this site. The comment spam was getting blocked by WordPress’s filters, but those don’t seem to apply to trackbacks.

No big loss, since in all the time I’ve been running this blog I’ve never seen a legitimate use of a trackback or pingback. In retrospect, it’s a bit surprising I haven’t witnessed this kind of attack already.

Here’s hoping I don’t wake up to find 100 spam comments sitting in the moderation queue.

WordPress 2.0

I’ve upgraded this site to WordPress 2.0 and made some adjustments to the layout.  Let me know if anything looks broken.

Still More Layout Tweaks

I’ve made a few minor changes to the layout of the site. If you notice any problems, post a comment here.

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Theme Redesign

I finally got around to reimplementing the site’s theme “properly” for WordPress 1.5. The new way of doing things is quite a bit nicer than it was in 1.2, that’s for sure.

I think I’ve got everything working again, but if you notice something broken on this site, let me know so I can fix it.

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A New Spammer Trick?

Wes pointed out an interesting spammer trick I haven’t seen before. Here’s a page hosted by a very disreputable-looking site (which may be NSFW, depending on how restrictive your W is) — deliberately not hyperlinked so as not to add to its PageRank:


Yes, yes, a bunch of trashy links. Scroll down to the bottom. Look familiar?

It looks as though the spammer screen-scraped the front page of this blog and pasted it at the bottom of his page. Is this a new spammer trick to make the page look more relevant to a search engine: shove actual legitimate content below the fold? It’s one I don’t think I’ve heard of before.

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WordPress 1.5

I’ve finally upgraded this site to the 1.5 branch of WordPress. It’s only been what, three months or so since it was first released?

For the time being I’ve hacked the previous layout into a format the new version can understand, but don’t be surprised if the design changes in the near future. Maybe replaced with something less monochromatic?

And since no one likes reading meta posts, I’ll leave it at that.

Site Redesign

<voice style=”Dr. Weird”>Gentlemen, behold!</voice>

I was getting sick of the stock WordPress layout and its soul-crushing drabness. The result is what you see now. It’s a bit monochromatic, but it ought to be far easier on the eyes and much less suffocating. (For comparison purposes, Firefox users can select the old stylesheet using the menu on the left side of the status bar.)

If there are any issues with it, let me know.

New Links

The observant visitor will notice that there are a few new links over there on the right. For the inobservant visitor, here’s what they are.

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Back on the air

This site’s utter unavailability for the past week was none of my fault, I swear. It was all ITaP‘s doing.

Assorted tidbits of what you’ve missed during the downtime follow.

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Pings Fixed?

For some reason, although I had WordPress configured to ping blo.gs (and a couple of other sites) on updates, it apparently wasn’t happening. Hopefully that’s fixed now. If you notice it’s still not working, let me know.


It might not be noticeable to the casual observer, but I have been tweaking the layout and design of this site.

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Over the next couple of days I’ll be working on migrating my blog from MovableType to WordPress. You can get a preview over here.

This site will remain active until I decide to migrate for good, so if you have any comments about it, post them wherever.

EDIT (May 15, 2004): There probably won’t be any new posts over here, so look at the new site. The content in MT now will eventually be migrated over there.
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