Cyber Corps Symposium Day 3: Poster Child

It turns out that it is possible for Syracuse to have days that aren’t hot and humid. Today was merely hot.

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Cyber Corps Symposium Day 2: This Time, It’s Not Day 1

Well, what do you know, it’s the first full day of events! And I do mean full.

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Cyber Corps Symposium Day 1: Sky Chief and the World of Two Hours Ago

Today was the first official day of the symposium, which makes yesterday Day 0. Can you feel the excitement?

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Cyber Corps Symposium Day 0: Blast from the Past


Who here wants to read daily posts about my trip to this year’s Cyber Corps Symposium? Too bad, you’re doing it anyway.

[Editor's note: changed day from 1 to 0 to better fit the symposium's schedule]


11:08 am EDT

I’m sitting at BWI waiting for my flight up to Syracuse. There don’t seem to be any access points at all around here, so into vim this goes until whenever I post this.

There’s a nice thunderstorm going on right now, which may not bode well for my flight. One plane recently arrived at a gate here, but they can’t so much as let the passengers off until the storm passed. My flight’s not scheduled to leave for another hour, so we’ll see if this screws me up at all or not. Luckily, there isn’t much to speak of going on at Syracuse today besides check-in, so even being delayed several hours won’t be too big a deal.

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It’s Over!

Both finals for this semester got taken care of yesterday. In the morning was Crypto, which wasn’t too hard, though I wasn’t quite able to finish the entire thing in two hours.

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Winding Down

Minutes ago I sent off the report for my Access Controls project, all 20 pages of it, with an added bonus of the source code of the prototype compiler for the language described therein. Now except for a meeting with the professor about the project Monday afternoon, that’s it for the class.

The Programming Languages project got turned in Thursday, even though the deadline got extended to Saturday. If it’s done, no point in sitting on it.

All that’s left for the semester are the Cryptography and Programming Languages finals, both on Wednesday: one in the morning, one in the evening.

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Project Projections

The Crypto project, she is finished. And with a top grade, nonetheless. It’s almost always good when you go more in depth than the professor expects.

Fun fact: in the not-too-distant past, group member Dave was asked by one of the other students in the class if we had started the project yet. Started. At a time when we were revising the final report for our semester’s work. Yet, I can’t honestly say I’m surprised there’d be people who’d wait until the penultimate week or so even for a big project.

Fun fact: penultimate is a fun word and should be used whenever possible.

The Programming Languages project is essentially done, aside from typing up a README and turning it in. A realization this afternoon led to simultaneously shrinking the amount of code and improving the correctness. Then there’s the Access Controls project, where all the code I care to write for it is written and all that’s left is writing the report (much of which can be cribbed from the proposal and/or presentation).

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Week in Review

Oh great, another one of those “one big post to cover a bunch of largely unrelated things that happened over the past week” sort of things.

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Where in the world is Paul Kuliniewicz?

What’s been so demanding on his time that he’s only posting here once in a while instead of sporadically?

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You knew it would come to this


Spring Break starts a day early for me, since the only class I have on Friday was cancelled for obvious reasons. (The obvious reason, of course, being that the midterm was Tuesday night, and it’s university policy that you have to cancel one class for each night-time exam.)

Kind of a shame that I skipped the same class on Wednesday to go man-whoring for food. (Where “man-whoring,” of course, is defined as being asked to take a prospective student who would be entering the same program I’m in out to lunch — courtesy of the department’s credit card — and answer various and sundry questions.)

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Recursion is for suckers

Or, how to implement letrecs in a λ-calculus-based language (such as CoreML, a subset of ML) with ordinary, nonrecursive functions.

This post is probably only going to be of interest if you’re interested in programming languages, or perhaps were someone who once struggled to implement letrecs in a CoreML interpreter in a certain grad-level class at Purdue a year ago. (Hi, Jeff!)

But hey, I can rationalize this post by claiming it’s part of my studying for Tuesday’s Programming Languages midterm. Yeah, that’s it.

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Almost the CMG

I came so close to finishing the first Programming Languages project in a single day. Pretty much all the code’s written, but neither of the two test cases provided quite pass. (All of the ones I wrote pass just fine, for whatever that’s worth.)

No big deal, really, since it’s not due until Wednesday anyway.

The project is a type-checker for MiniML. Jeff, care to guess who’s teaching the class? <g>

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Final Final

Wednesday’s Operating Systems final went off without a hitch. That’s about all there is to say about that.

Now, Winter Break! Whee!

Exam Intermission

Monday was the Algorithms final. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be, though seeing what I got on it may change my opinion. I did feel a lot more confident coming out of it than I did the midterm, so either I did better or I’m just that much more delusional now.

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The paper is done. The OSes project has been finished. The last class of the semester has been attended. And next week, only two finals.

Now it is my intention to play video games for several hours.

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