Neutronium Demo Video

With Renee’s help, I recorded a six-minute-or-so demo of Neutronium, the game I’ve been working on since the beginning of November. You’ll probably want to play it at 720p (HD) and full-screen in order to be able to read the text.

Neutronium is a web-based game inspired by a game inspired by the light-cycle game from the movie Tron. Currently, only the fundamental gameplay and a rudimentary chat function are implemented. Each player controls a constantly-growing line. They can’t speed up; they can’t slow down. All they can do (currently) is change direction. Once a player’s line collides with something, it stops and the player loses. The last player left alive wins.

(Note that the game doesn’t actually detect “winning” yet, so a game lasts until everyone has run into something.)

The video above was recorded from my machine. I am the blue line, and Renee is the red line. The chat window doesn’t yet have a way to identify who says what, but in this case you can tell my messages apart from Renee’s because you can watch me type them.