LoCo Day 27

Success? The basic gameplay in the browser is working now, so for the first time ever it’s actually possible to play the game. My loving girlfriend Renee helped me test that it does indeed work with multiple players, and she even beat me in the first real match we played against each other. For posterity’s sake, I will note that the name of the room she created for that first fateful match was named “Stupid time for uncool animals”. (Although I did win against her in some of the subsequent matches, she is quick to point out that there is some lag between changing your player’s direction and when it takes effect on screen. I’m not sure what the precise cause of that is yet, since lag over a LAN should be minimal.)

Although the game is playable in the most basic sense, there is a huge amount of work to be done to make this something that could be exposed to the public. Heck, right now the game doesn’t even provide a way to distinguish your player from the others on screen, so the beginning of each match usually involves each player frantically trying to figure out which one they control before they run into something and die. That needs to be fixed, obviously. There’s still no concept of user accounts, or even user identities, so all status messages refer to everyone as “someone”.

Also, Renee wants more explosions when collisions occur. The baseline number of explosions is zero, currently.

Sometime soon I’ll try to post a screenshot or two of what this game actually looks like, now that it’s in a state where stuff actually shows up on screen instead of living hidden in the server’s memory.

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