LoCo Day 22

Today I implemented generation of the starting configurations of games. For now, all initial player positions are aligned along an invisible grid across the play area. It’d be nice to have more randomness in there, but that complicates things a bit more, since I still want to ensure players don’t start off too close to each other.

QuickCheck is great, but sometimes you have to be a bit careful with the set of function inputs you let it generate. In this case, I had to make the dimensions and grid spacing sized to prevent them from getting obnoxiously, impractically huge. I’m never going to try to create play areas measured in millions or billions of pixels on a side, or that have a grid spacing of similar magnitude. My starting configuration generator doesn’t work well in those extremes (by which I mean, it runs in to integer overflow problems), so it’s not worth testing them, especially if I’d have to contort my code to deal with those kinds of inputs.

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