LoCo Day 12

I restored the functionality I had before reworking the room code. The problem I mentioned yesterday was because I mistyped an identifier in the JavaScript code, and apparently using an undeclared and undefined identifier isn’t a problem as far as Firefox and Firebug are concerned. Contrast that with GHC, which not only flags that sort of thing as an error, but even offers suggestions as to which identifier you might have meant, sort of like suggestions in a word processor’s spell checker. Actually, it’s kind of surprising that GHC is the only compiler I’ve seen with that suggestion feature for undeclared identifiers. It seems rather obvious in hindsight.

I also fixed displaying of timestamps; now instead of showing an ugly complete UTC timestamp, the chat window just shows the time, converted to the browser’s time zone. Now that the polling fetches JSON objects instead of HTML fragments, that sort of thing is possible to do.

Now I’m working on adding support for having more than one room on the server. I expect this to occupy most of tomorrow’s effort too.

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