LoCo Day 9

Only incremental progress to report today. Shrinking the long-polling timeout from 60 seconds to 30 seconds seemed to solve the problem of Happstack killing handlers prematurely, and some of the Internals stuff in the Happstack documentation hints at being able to have some control over whether Happstack thinks a long-running handler needs to be killed or not. Worth looking into in the long run, but shortening my timeout is good enough for now.

Aside from that, most of today’s work was in formalizing the very hackish chat room code, converting it into a more general “room” concept that will better support layering a game on top of. The new code will also support having more than one room on the server. I hope to have that working tomorrow; the types are (mostly) implemented, but I still need to generate HTML from it and hook it into the handler logic.

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