LoCo Day 8

Long polling is working! I now have a very basic real-time web-based chat room implemented. JavaScript on the browser regularly polls for updates on the server, and adds them to the chat window if it finds any. The server thread handling the request blocks for a short while if no messages are available. It’s simple, but the messaging subsystem will be the foundation of client-server communications when the actual game is implemented.

The only problem with my implementation (other than the design limitations I mentioned in the previous post) is that sometimes the server returns a 500 error to the client’s long-poll request instead of a 200 or 204 based on whether any messages are available. The error seems to be getting spit out by Happstack itself, since the specific error message (“server error: thread killed”) isn’t anything I’ve written. My best guess at the moment is that Happstack imposes its own timeout on request handlers, and when it sees it hasn’t finished after a while, assumes that the handler has gotten hung and kills it. If this is the case, the solution would be to either shorting the long-poll timeout in my code, or see if there’s a way to adjust Happstack’s timeout.

I think that after fixing that issue, I’ll migrate the chat room code into a more general “room” abstraction that’ll be amenable to building the game on top of. (The chat room code is a bit hackish at the moment.) I’ll then probably make it so you can have more than just one room in existence, which could make the main server logic a bit neater too, and give some more realistic URLs too.

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