LoCo Day 6

Some actual progress, now that I’ve abandoned trying to get Heist to do what I want it to and switched to Blaze for HTML generation.

Then I implemented site-wide CSRF prevention. Whenver the server receives a POST request, it checks that the csrfToken parameter matches the one stored in the session for that request. If not, it stops processing the request and spits out an error. Unfortunately, if the browser has cookies disabled, that’ll also trigger the error message, since the server won’t be able to associate the request with an existing session. Either that’ll need to be fixed somehow, or I’ll at least need to detail that cause in the error message. After all, if there really is a CSRF attack taking place, no one will actually be reading the page that gets returned anyway.

After that, I implemented a multicast messaging system that will serve as the innermost component for letting browsers poll efficiently for game-related events. Internally it’s built around transactional channels, with my code dealing with creating and destroying TChans as players enter or leave the game, and with retrieving all queued messages without blocking. It’s that last bit that requires using TChan instead of the slightly simpler Chan; the latter doesn’t have a reliable way to check whether the channel still has anything left in it.

Finally, I started working on a basic chat room mechanism, to operationally test the messaging system and to serve as a starting point for the JavaScript code that’ll run in the user’s browser. I haven’t had a chance to get very far with this piece yet, but it ought to be fairly straightforward.

It feels good to be making actual progress once again.

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