LoCo Day 2

Progress is still slower than I’d like, but it’s there. Basic session tracking is working. Now when the server gets a request, it looks for a session cookie and either loads the session from the database or starts a new session. At the moment the sessions don’t do anything more than exist, but the rest of the functionality will need them to associate different requests by the same user.

It took longer than I was expecting to get to this point. I think part of it’s because I’m having to frequently consult the documentation for the different libraries I’m using, and part of it is that it’s early enough along that I’m still having to set up basic scaffolding along the way. Hopefully that means as time goes on my rate of progress will increase.

The next order of business is to start serving a real page, implement CSRF protection, and implement multicast message queues. Before getting to the actual game, I’ll construct a basic chat room sort of thing, which will exercise the messaging system. Besides, once there’s an actual game there, it can still be used to let players talk with one another.

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