LoCo Day 1

Today’s progress was underwhelming, unfortunately. But first things first.

I’m building my webapp atop the Happstack framework. I’ve identified a couple short-term goals for implementing basic functionality:

  • Session tracking, which unfortunately isn’t provided by anything in Happstack itself. (Maybe the happstack-authenticate package will provide this, but there haven’t been any releases of that library on Hackage yet.)
  • Multicast communication channels to use as the core message forwarding mechanism during a game. The server would use this to queue messages for each player in a game, which the player’s browser would fetch via long polling.

All I managed to accomplish so far is to get a minimal webserver running and to define the type to use as a session ID. I started on test cases for the session database, but wasn’t able to progress beyond that. Bleh. Hopefully I’ll be able to knock out the rest of the basic session stuff tomorrow and start on the multicast channels.

3 Responses

  1. ¡Usted puede hacerlo! ¡Creemos en ti!

  2. Kulinibox!

  3. I guess it’s a little late to mention this, but Snap 0.6 comes with sessions out of the box, and Greg Collins demonstrated a long polling application at CUFP this year (http://gregorycollins.net/posts/2011/10/01/cufp-tutorial-slides). Just something to look at.

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