Book List – September and October 2011

Am I late, or am I early? Do they cancel out? Does it matter?

The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead, by Scott Kenemore, © 2007. Finished September 25.

A self-help book crossed with zombies. The premise wears thin long before the end, since there’s really only so many ways you can go with the idea. The book could’ve had potential as a satire of the self-help genre, but it’s not played nearly straight enough for that to work.

Pay Me, Bug!, by Christopher Wright, © 2011. Finished October 19.

A starship captain pulls off an impossible heist against a heavily fortified facility, but before he and his crew can enjoy the spoils, they are blackmailed into performing an even more impossible caper against an even harder target. But with an assassin on their tail, will Grif Vindh and his crew survive long enough to try to make lightning strike twice? From the man who often brings you Help Desk and occasionally Kernel Panic comes Pay Me, Bug!

Seriously, though, it’s worth the price of admission just for the fight scene in Chapter 31 alone. But since the entire thing is posted online, I guess the price of admission is zero. But that just means you have no excuse.

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