Red-Green Tree

Do you know how I know I’m a geek? When I saw this morning’s xkcd:


My initial reaction was disappointment upon realizing that the tree wasn’t a red-black tree with all the black nodes colored green. On the other hand, though, I suppose a red-green tree would involve a lot more duct tape.

Also, regarding the alt title text: removing the root of a heap is only O(log n). Quit whining about Billy taking the root present; it’s not as though a heap would’ve allowed him to take anything else. Maybe next year I’ll make you solve a graph coloring problem to figure out who gets what; maybe O(n log n) suddenly won’t seem so bad when your Christmas morning is NP-complete!

3 Responses

  1. That’s not even a goddamn heap. Randall Munroe really is a dilettante of the worst kind, isn’t he?

  2. Sure it’s a heap, just not a binary heap, for some reason.

  3. …you’re really something else brother.
    ps: bring home Mario Kart Wii with you as well as Kirby please, and maybe extra controllers :)

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