Panflute 0.7.0 released

Panflute 0.7.0 has been released, with lots of improvements. Panflute 0.7.0 adds several new features, such as the ability to control the player’s volume, dealing sensibly with multiple players running simultaneously, better support for pausing and stopping playback, the ability to seek by using the mouse’s scroll wheel on the time display, and the ability to remove ratings from songs. It also adds support for four more players: Clementine, Decibel, Pithos, and Qmmp. And in case that’s not enough, there’s also lots of bug fixes, detailed in the release notes.

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  1. Can’t install.

    Depends: python-gnome2-desktop but it is not installable

  2. I have the same problem at J Smith. :(

  3. The packages in the PPA installed fine for me (a freshly updated Maverick). Which distribution are you running?

  4. I’m running 10.10.

  5. I’m also on 10.10, and I get the same error message for the panflute-applet (the daemon installs without problem).

  6. Kuliniflute!

  7. I wonder if it might be a package I had installed from Lucid (or an even earlier release) that isn’t needed now, or has been replaced by something else since then. I guess I’ll need to set up a Maverick VM when I get a chance and see what happens when I try to install it there.

  8. My OS is an upgrade and I don’t have that file. The last version of panfulte was working fine without it too. I checked in #ubuntu before coming here and they didn’t seem to know what it was either. Seemed to think it was some kind of unincluded include or developer tool. Closet thing I have in Synaptic is python-gnome2-desktop-dev (uninstalled), it wants to install a bunch of other stuff too so didn’t try it. I did find a few sites where you can download it but was hoping you’d have a better fix.

  9. In maverick they removed python-gnome2-desktop due to a package splitting.
    Since Ubuntu uses Debian as its base these changes come upstream.
    @Paul Kuliniewicz: Just replace the dependencies with the those of the splitted packages.

  10. @ktp: Yep, that’s almost certainly it. I’ll upload a new package with corrected dependencies as soon as I can.

  11. Is 0.7.0 supposed to handle vlc 1.1.4? Because it doesn’t seem to detect vlc (whether started before panflute-daemon or not), and though sending DBus messages successfully launches panflute-launch-player -> vlc, afterwards the new vlc process also cannot be controlled/detected. Also when vlc is the default player DBus messages time out with the error: “org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply”
    Works great with MOC though :)

  12. It ought to work with VLC 1.1.4. There should be some log files in ~/.local/share/panflute/ that contain error messages if it isn’t working.

  13. Ok thanks, reposted logs + problem @

  14. It’s working now. Thanks!

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