Panflute 0.6.2 released

Panflute 0.6.2 has been released; all users are encouraged to upgrade. This release fixes several bugs, including a creeping CPU usage bug and compatibility problems with Banshee and Exaile. It also includes four new translations: Czech (cs), French (fr), Dutch (nl), and Portuguese (pt). See the release notes for more details.

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  1. Kuliniflute!!

  2. iTunes!

  3. Wow! Ryan may have gotten the speed record back. I’m too lazy to figure out. This isn’t Kuliniboxing anymore its Kulinifluting. So I declare Ryan the current king of Kulinifluting.

  4. Now I’m trying to imagine Paul laboriously tracking all of our post times, then maneuvering to find a time to post his next update to maximize his time before one of us annoys him with a post of “Nounflute!”.

    Then I’m imagining a bored Jamie, Ryan, or Benji randomly checking Paul’s blog moments after he posts that at his calculated time and commenting, completely undermining the effort through chance.

  5. Man !
    It is awesome ! I am making from my notebook carryable hi-fi :-P, and this applet is just perfect, especially coz it supports moc !
    I have just one thing I can ask for – add support for reading from tags comments also. I have bitrates written in comment field and it would be so awesome to have it.
    Also, you can add possibility to use and . For example :
    Artist : {artist}
    Bitrate : {birate}

    I am using moc. Its so simple there to read from tags so I think you can add this :-).

    Great work. Keep it up. Mail me, please :-).

  6. Feature requests can be filed here.

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