Rockman Paper Scissors

Given that one of the core mechanics of the Mega Man series is the rock-paper-scissors style system of how each robot master is vulnerable to another robot master’s weapon, and given that the original game had robot masters that attacked by throwing rocks (Guts Man) and scissors (Cut Man) (and yes, rock beats scissors), it’s surprising that there still has never been a paper-themed robot master.

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  1. If you will allow me to cherry pick, there is Wood Man. Wood can be readily converted into paper through a milling process. In Mega Man II, there was Metal Man, arguably a ramped up version of Cut Man. Metal Man was readily beat by Mega Man, originally named Rock Man.

  2. If that were true, however, Metal Blade wouldn’t work against Metal Man, but it takes him out in two hits. Also, you use Crash Bombs and Atomic Fire against Wood Man, not Metal Blade. (Well, OK, Metal Blade works against pretty much everything, but it’s not Wood Man’s primary weakness.)

    Supporting your theory, however, in the ending of Mega Man 3, it’s mentioned that Cut Man’s original purpose was to be a timber-felling robot, so if wood is a stand-in for paper, then scissors cuts paper.

    Also: if we count Rockman as rock, then rock beats everything, since Mega Man always wins.

    “Good ol’ rock. Nothin’ beats that!” — Bart Simpson

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