I hate snow

No, seriously, I hate snow.

Fun fact: do you know what a car buried under two feet of snow looks like? Pretty much like anything else buried under two feet of snow.

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  1. Update: After spending six hours shoveling over two hundred cubic feet of snow and slush — roughly one and a half tons — just to clear the space around my car, I still hate snow.

    Also: ow.

  2. Update update: And that’s a lower bound. Assuming two feet of snow uniformly covering a standard size parking space, that would be closer to 342 cubic feet, or about two and a half tons.

  3. Suggestion: Open a snowcone stand.
    … Because I’m sure a lot of people up there would want a snowcone just about now…

  4. I’d never be able to compete will all the free lemon snowcones out there right now. That’s what all the yellow patches of snow are, right?

  5. Sure, let’s call that “lemon”.

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