Panflute 0.6.0 released

Panflute 0.6.0 has been released. This release adds support for several new players, namely Guayadeque, Listen, MOC, and Songbird, as well as older (1.4) versions of Amarok and recent (0.3) versions of Exaile. On top of that, it’s now possible to seek within the current song from the applet, and the song information display can be customized. There’s also assorted bug fixes, and new translations for Spanish (es) and Polish (pl).

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  1. There’s Paul, closing comments on previous Kuliniflute post so I can’t feel comfortable declaring victory there, just to see if Ryan and Benji are still playing.


  2. Dear Paul! I am experiencing problem with the 0.6 version.
    It seems that panflute is now unable to connect to the any player. When I add the applet it is displayed as the player is open, but it’s not.
    If I set for example banshee as defualt player, and then I manually open it (from the gnome menu for example) and I play a song, the applet is not updated and can’t control anything.
    I am using The Koala distribution.

  3. I made another test moving back to 0.5.3 and now this version too give me the same problems… I think that probably is due to some updates ubuntu have installed this morning

  4. Again me!
    I found that the problem was that I had MPD installed, panflute found it and connect to it directly. After removing MPD all works perfectly!

  5. Of course I’m still playing

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