Music Applet 2.5.1 released

Hot on the heels of the previous version, Music Applet 2.5.1 has been released. This version is purely a bug-fix release and adds no new features. It does, however, fix a bug that could leave the applet in a hung state when the music player closes, and it fixes a bug in fetching album art from Rhythmbox.

4 Responses

  1. Kulinibox!
    Back with a vengeance!

  2. Frig! Beaten by less than an hour.

    When Winamp starts you have the llama intro…I think Kulinibox should start up with “This applet is in a hung state”

  3. Not only that Ryan, but I broke the Kuliniboxing record for shortest time from Paul’s initial post to commenting with “Kulinibox!”

    The new record was 16 minutes, edging out your previous 33 minute record.

  4. Well played sir

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