New Year’s Resolution…

… is going to be 1920×1200, thanks to having bought a new laptop.


Apparently I haven’t posted anything since finishing this year’s NaNoWriMo. I guess after all that I ran out of words for a while. Or got lazy. Whichever.

I bought a laptop to replace kryten, the tablet PC I had gotten after learning how to B.S. my way through computer science and mathematics. (That is what a B.S. degree means, right?) Four and a half years later, it’s rather underpowered for some of the things I want to do. So I bought a new laptop and, following the naming convention I’ve used thus far with my computers, named it queeg. I’ll write more about it later once I’ve finished putting everything on it through its paces. Maybe.

And though I’m not in the habit of the pointless tradition of making new year’s resolutions (aside from the occasional cliché monitor joke seen above), it is about time for me to get more serious about the software development I do in my free time. I let far too much time lapse between Music Applet releases, and I still have yet to set up an actual bug tracker for it. Which is still more than I can say for efforts like Wallace, Old Lady, or Dennis, none of which I’ve so much as touched recently. And even that’s still more than I can say for other stuff I want to write, like an online Tron game, or an OpenID provider that uses client-side TLS certificates for authentication, or other things I can’t think of at the moment but that I know I’ve wanted to make.

So in 2009, I’m going to push at least one of those vaporware projects to completion. But first, get Music Applet 2.5.0 finished and released.

In other words, I resolve to be way more productive in terms of software development in 2009 than I’ve been in 2008, even though I’ll have precisely 24 hours 1 second less time at my disposal.

Blogging? That will remain as sporadic as ever.

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  1. man welcome to three years ago

  2. At least I’m consistent?

  3. Out of curiosity, do you buy a laptop with Linux installed on it or do you purchase a laptop and replace the OS with Linux? If you do the former where do you purchase the laptop and if you do the latter what do you look for so you have an easy transition from OS to OS? I imagine you being the CMG will have no problem switching from OS to OS, but I was curious.

  4. The short answer is that I bought a laptop with Windows installed and replaced it with Ubuntu as the earliest opportunity. Part of my research in picking which model to go by was searching for reports from other Linux users on how well the models I was considering were supported on Linux. Linux compatibility also drove some of the customization options I made (such as going with an Intel wireless adapter instead of a Dell-branded Broadcom one, and avoiding ATI graphics cards like the plague).

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