Appendix A: Appendix C: Markov Could Write Better Than You

A Markov text generator takes as input a bunch of text and outputs random text that statistically “looks like” the input text. The generator chooses the next word to output based only on the previous n words that were output, matching the probability distribution found in the input text when the previous n words appear.

For no good reason, I wrote a quick-and-dirty Markov text generator and fed Appendix A into it. I’ve found that having it look at the previous 2 words works best; with just 1 word, the output tends to be gibberish, and with 3 or more words, it starts lifting entire sentences wholesale. Apparently having 3 words in a row is often sufficient to uniquely identify a point in the story.

My code is quick-and-dirty enough that it considers a “word” to be anything separated by whitespace, so “foo”, “foo,”, and “foo.” are considered three different words. Treating punctuation specially is problematic because of the difficulty in distinguishing between single-quote-used-as-apostrophe and single-quote-used-as-quotation-mark. That explains why mismatched quotes are a problem with my generated output.

Anyway, here’s a 1,667+-word bonus chapter generated by my Markov text generator, with n=2. I like to think the chapters I wrote are marginally better than this:

Between the clouds of smoke damage from the Independent Principality of Doomhammer.

Roland stepped into the hall.

“‘These days’?” Roland asked. “The Order does not understand why some people would skip out early before the Demon King should’ve been more specific,” Anna replied. “The knights have orders to stay in the windows were in the expected places. Its brown hair had been removed, revealing a ladder and towards what Anna had apparently been put together using whatever would fit. Roland lowered his voice. “Tantrums about on which side of it was actually going to say we violated the agreement, and now the nine of spades.

“I understand. Now, think carefully. Tell me everything you have, everything you know? You’re not going into this I couldn’t pass up the key to understanding the true power of the block and comes this way?”

“No,” Roland signed, chiding himself for having expected Mattias to actually have a couple towns near Doomhammer, but we’re stuck here on defense.”

“Gentlemen, please,” the man answered reluctantly. “Though I shall succeed where he sat. But would they be following us anyway? That guy, what was left of Castle Helioth, and to either side of the guards standing in the morning sun.

Suddenly, Anna lifted herself off of it. Maybe both. Say, was I right about what he looked like, but I’m staying at the Iron Flagon except under his weight. The upstairs hall was dark and grimy. He counted eight doors, and paced slowly down the hallway as we speak. But here’s what we have, and we’re going to survive that. If he does, the worst may still exist, and that whoever I summon is usually really angry by the reception. “I apologize for that. It’s a bit more awake, he noticed something out of whack. Anna was pointing and saw he was pulling you behind me, isn’t he?” Derek finished.

After a pause, he added, pointing towards the wall for a few seconds, Roland heard a crash somewhere, and the altar, and thought that the seal of the Lantarian army is probably waiting along the top card is still the top card, stared at the floor had been given.

“Yes,” Roland said, struggling to hide here. At least half of the Lady ought to be. Normal people don’t abduct children, and normal people definitely don’t fight you directly! Wreck their economy, burn down their villages, and soon fell asleep without even touching the cards. Roland doubted he would be a liability for what he was going to get back onto the bar, and someone had been correct; at the rear, keeping one hand and map to tell him.”

“You’re not aware of what had already done more than one performer could be killed by a master scribe. Roland still couldn’t read it at first, but from this angle they looked more closely. “They look fine to me.”

“Someplace where you’ll be able to land a single step. The room he found four swords pointed at him. The one time someone got close to him, he patted the cloak covering the light atop its torch.

“What happened back there I got sick to my stomach from whatever slop they were in suddenly widened, and Roland followed. “So if we waited until the very least, it took to be something that weighs heavily on your part, I will riffle through this perfectly ordinary clothes underneath.

The cloud lunged towards Roland. “Welcome to Castle Helioth.

“This is where we want to fight it off.”

“Somehow I doubt there’s going to pick me out a way to put much effort towards marketing.

“These cards are all very noble and idealistic, and I assisted her in rescuing him. I then brought the cards until he came as fast as we can, we should come to think all that time spent scraping away at the end of the stars. In practice, at any given time. It was definitely a head. Two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a perfectly good one back in town.”

“Well, we’re here,” he added wistfully.

“What things?” Roland asked.

Roland shook his head. “I’m still going to be increasingly eager to go in there and saw her extinguish her torch upward. “It looks like it’s closed.”

“You know, street performing. People do it in front of her. She swallowed nervously. “I suppose now you need anything for tonight.”

Roland could notice, Anna had been able to carry out. Roland took another half step forward finally brought Roland up and nodded to the next town. It’s just like how a gold suit of armor. Unfortunately, that was because one of the kingdom, they could usually be found in the right direction.

“Except that we was being needlessly paranoid. But if I happen to be focusing intently on the far wall. Sunrise already, yet it felt like freezing cold air. The crowd cheered their exit, and they don’t want to have me let you stay in bed for VIPs was ostensibly the “good” bed in the cell, along with a measured pace, walked up the stairs, he descended to the audience. They applauded, and more emphatic as he hadn’t lit either ever since we left Blackstone,” he answered. “Await here for a few of the room. Roland followed the group was just wide enough to call more to follow the same way that the head of the kingdom, the shrines were built as an afterthought, arriving only after Telerand had disintegrated after the fire. “You’re awfully glib about what to make trouble, but as he was surrounded by the Lady under difficult circumstances these past few weeks.”

The cheer from the deck and held it between the shops wherever possible, sometimes a soldier would fight to the main avenue thinning out a heavy sigh. As he slowly paced back and forth in front of the table said as though we were facing back then.”

Roland’s feet slid on the counter. “Your room is number 203, up the rest of the deck until the very least it didn’t need to go, because of its mind when I was kind of black smoke rose straight up from the door to the wizard intoned as Derek struck the last three deals!” the man with the village’s governor suddenly ceased. The kingdom would then send an army to fight our knights at all! Everyone knows it won’t, but orders are orders. Besides, even the slightest sign of smoke and the number with his other hand.

“I lied.” Roland looked more like a cage, trapping him metaphorically in the other.

“You don’t understand,” Anna said.

With the helmet removed, Roland saw that the Lantarians are preparing for a ring of keys. He then turned and, nodding quickly to the next person for their account.”


“No, sir,” the acolyte asked.

“Hopefully it won’t come to places like this is what’s going to play fair?”

“That was incredibly brave thing you did back there, challenging the Demon King would be unwise to go up, so I suppose it’s all for now.”

“Can we stop for a few hours, it didn’t need to know how else she was standing at the time you need to light the paper on fire, preventing it from him before the guard went limp.

Dalton turned and walked around to the floor, and saw the hand of the kingdom, the bottom of the entrace to the folded cloak. With a flick of his head, and charged at him, as though someone had been in the two of them slipping away.

Anna considered this. “Fair enough. But that’s not what I heard something from her cheek. “When it was increasingly unable to support.

This time it was the armies struggled against one of our lower-tier rooms on the ground and looked up from it moments before the peasant could react, and dumped it over to see what any of the four suspected bodyguards pairing off and sitting next to Roland’s, where a particularly evil tree and his watering eyes, he had awoken in the same positions as before.

Roland assumed the guard was eying him, but it seemed like a good thing we did. None of us might by lying?” Roland asked.

“But at least wait until morning?”

Roland explained about the walls, but the only one who owes me. Anyway, next time you’re in the guest room. “I haven’t quite figured out how to play, but didn’t see any nice way to the guards, pointing at Roland. “Not that he wasn’t much looking forward to the side slightly.

The guard gestured towards the edge of the little extra time to catch them doing something about the coming war, and was turning to Anna below him, “we need to return to Castle Telerand to be enjoying it more difficult than I thought! Walls of fire, wow, that was the first place. Roland was at least one of the trick is to keep at least have washed it before wearing it, but could only come up with a couple standard devotional prayers for good measure. Taking care of myself.” She looked at Roland and Dalton stared at him with both hands. If he had rarely seen, at least start leaving each other and start working together,” a voice said from behind the table and Roland, he couldn’t delay in eating something or changing into a panic about the extra weight in the forest.”

“And you wish to exit.”

Roland passed the pair of heavy wooden cabinets with locks on the floor boards it would be much appreciated. You can accompany me that he was eating.

The other knight replied. “They’ve ordered a regiment from here to save their money for ale.

“Hopefully it won’t come to places like this is something far greater than the classic sword and shield combination. He understood the symbolism was that on that belief? To be honest with himself, he was going to stay down here to fortify defenses and to repel the inevitable second, third, or even fourth attempt to strike against another, things would peter out once one side was overwhelmed and falling like so many others had before. In his wisdom, he reached out to mine, someone like… you, sir, in the middle of the Lady under difficult circumstances these past few weeks.”