Like Hell it Could

In case for some unfathomable reason you’re one of those people who thinks the Large Hadron Collider is going to destroy the planet (as though such a thing were that easy), there are no less than two websites you can check to see if the unthinkable (and impossible) has happened:

It always good to have multiple sources for this sort of thing, since there is some misinformation floating around out there. Plus, both of the two sites above have RSS or Atom feeds you can subscribe to, so that you’ll be notified in case the current status of the planet changes.

WARNING: Those prone to worrying about things like the end of the universe might want to avoid reading the HTML source of the first of those two links, lest they should see this:

The possibility that we are living in a false vacuum has never been a cheering one to contemplate. Vacuum decay is the ultimate ecological catastrophe; in the new vacuum there are new constants of nature; after vacuum decay, not only is life as we know it impossible, so is chemistry as we know it. However, one could always draw stoic comfort from the possibility that perhaps in the course of time the new vacuum would sustain, if not life as we know it, at least some structures capable of knowing joy. This possibility has now been eliminated.

The second special case … applies if we are now living in the debris of a false vacuum … This case presents us with less interesting physics and with fewer occasions for rhetorical excess than the preceding one.

S. Coleman and F. De Luccia (1980). “Gravitational effects on and of vacuum decay”. Physical Review D21: 3305.

Those prone to worrying about such things should probably also refrain from reading the above quote.

3 Responses

  1. It seems a though the earth is once again in peril. Once again it is necessary to call upon the greatest hero of all time.
    I speak of course, of Mick Faldo the World Famous Archer.

  2. We all know the Earth is relatively safe when the LHC gets up to speed. All we want to do is see if we can get some bosons to appear. But what happens if the LHC reaches 88 mph?

  3. Benji…when the LHC reaches 88 MPH…you’re gonna see some SERIOUS SHIT!!!!


    To find out the specific video version of the LHC reaching that speed, watch the link above.

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