Music Applet 2.4.2 released

Music Applet 2.4.2 is out. This is another bugfix-and-translation-updates-only release. In particular, it fixes the slow creep in CPU usage after each song and updates the Polish (pl) translation.

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  1. Kuliniebox!

    Also: I didn’t know you listened to Writing Excuses.

  2. Looks like someone read the comments on last week’s episode, then?

  3. Quals suck. Its been 4 days, and the only reason I’m the first person to say “Kulinibox!” is that Paz can’t spell fictitious things. I make it a point to know how to spell fake things right, in fact, whenever I make up a word in the context of an IM or comment, I try to spellcheck it, because I want to know how it’s spelled.

    On the bright side I’ve managed to do slightly better than piss poor all 4 of my exams I’ve taken so far. One more to go. It’s slim, but I actually have a chance to be a full 2 years into the graduate program on my first day.

  4. I noticed something. If I normally listen to my mp3s, the info in the applet gets updated every time the song changes. But if I listen to a radio station, it doesn’t get updated, even if the station updates the info on the current song.

  5. Ups, forgot to mention, I’m using Amarok player

  6. The applet was waiting for the playing URL to change before refreshing song metadata, which obviously doesn’t work when you’re playing a radio stream. Rev 207 in the bzr repo ought to fix this. I’ll need to check if the same problem occurs with the other players’ plugins too.

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