Lazy Spammers

I see that nowadays comment spammers don’t bother figuring out what markup they need to use to make hyperlinks, so they try half a dozen different formats and hope one works.

They’re also apparently too dumb to not put two dozen spam comments in the same recent post and think that won’t get noticed right quick.

4 Responses

  1. Also, spamming the exact same links each time makes it really easy to blacklist.

  2. The spammer’s still trying to post comments on the same post, with the same two or three links, precisely once every 11 minutes. He’s clearly not very good at this.

  3. Hey! Watch what you’re saying! I- erhem, I mean, um… They might be easily offended…

  4. Pish posh. After 24 hours of this, they finally figured out that having the same domain name made it easy to filter, so they started varying it a bit. Of course, it’s still quite easy to filter on BBcode-style link tags. If that’s the best they’re capable of, I’m not too worried.

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