Speaking of things that are either going to be awesome or completely suck: Mega Man 9 is coming out on WiiWare later this year. And it’s going back to its 8-bit roots:

Mega Man 9 screenshot

If Keiji Inafune is indeed trying to channel the greatness of Mega Man 2, which everyone knows is one of the greatest video games of all time, Mega Man 9 could indeed rescue the series from the mediocrity and repetitiveness it slid into after Mega Man 3.

(Side note: in retrospect, the ability to charge normal shots introduced in Mega Man 4 threw off the game mechanics by making the weapons you get from beating robot masters much less useful. Since charged shots works pretty well against almost everything, there’s little reason to switch weapons unless you need to exploit some gimmicky trajectory they have to get through an area. Mega Man X made it work, but the original series never did.)

(Another side note: I know nobody plays a Mega Man game for the plot, but Capcom wasn’t even trying with Mega Man 6. Not only was it the fourth game in a row with a less-than-credible “no, Dr. Wily isn’t the villain this time, really!!!” premise, but “Mr. X” was clearly just Dr. Wily with a fake beard.)

Anyway, announcements like this are going to finally make me get around to buying a Wii one of these days.

On the other hand, if Mega Man 9 turns out to somehow be three worse than Mega Man 6 was, I’d be willing to play whatever the hell this is (especially the part starting around 5:26):

(Fun fact: if you ever find yourself wondering “is that a …” while watching the above, I assure you, the answer is “yes”.)

(Fun fact: if I put any more parentheses in this post, it might be mistaken for Lisp.)

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  1. Ah, dang those hammer throwin’ dudes! The New Super Mario Brothers for DS, though fun and for the most part enjoyable, has completely watered down the bosses.
    Also, where can I get some of those exploding knives (a la 0:27)!?

  2. Also: This person has not played Mega Man for…years and years. And really one of the only things that I have a vivid memory of is a water world that took me *forever* to get past…

  3. My ability to remember the “proper” sequence of which levels to play varies directly with the quality of the game. Mega Mans 1, 2, and 3 I have down cold; I have to think a bit on the last few of Mega Man 4; I know maybe the first four or five for Mega Man 5; and Mega Man 6 I’d have to guess or look up a FAQ.

    Mega Man 7, of course, does not count at all.

    If you want hard, try playing through the final Dr. Wily stage of the original Mega Man without dying or exploiting the Elec Beam bug.

  4. I believe Mega Man II and Mega Man X were the best Mega Man games. With that said, the metal blade weapon in II was ridiculously over-powerful.

    I look forward to IX and the controls used for it on the Wii. I would like there to be strategy for boss level selection. I hope it does not rely on random gimmicks like Rush. I was ok with Rush the dog being introduced but I thought it was ridiculous when Beat the bird was introduced. What kind of weapon is a bird? Are we fighting single engine Cessnas? But I digress, I look forward to this game and its potential.

  5. I find it odd that the plural is Mega Mans, not Mega Men.

    Benji, I <3 you for your comment.

  6. Dear Capcom,

    If you ever make Mega Man 10, please include Cessna Man as a robot master.


  7. “ ‘Mr. X’ was clearly just Dr. Wily with a fake beard.”

    Perhaps the villain in Mega Man 10 should be Ben Bernanke


  8. At lease Bernanke ought to have the resources needed to finally overcome the crippling “robot masters weak to each others’ weapons” flaw that’s been plaguing Wily’s creations.

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