Browsable bzr repository

I’ve finally set up a browsable web interface to my bzr repositories. Now you can more easily track what’s going on in my various software projects without having to actually check out a copy of the repository. In particular, there’s also feeds that track the latest updates. I’ve also added those feeds to the sidebar of my blog, thus letting you keep tabs on what’s going on with almost no effort on your part.

If it breaks, let me know.

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  1. Now I can spy on Kulinibox EVEN MORE!

    Seriously though, I”m mildly disappointed at the lack of a wallace section.

  2. Yeah, I was only coming here to comment on the lack of Wallace as well. I don’t use Gnome and don’t see the appeal to Bridge, so…

  3. I’m just curious, would you still use bzr if you were to start from scratch now or would you pick git?

  4. fluffy: Work on Wallace has been stalled for a while. Whenever I finally start on it again, I’ll make the repo browsable, but until then, there isn’t much point.

    Jeff: I haven’t really ever looked at git. What advantages does it have over something like bzr?

  5. I haven’t used either, so I was curious myself. It just seems like the folks that are using more distributed source systems are using git now (trickling down from Linux kernel development) and thus perhaps better tools will come with it.

    However, I think that for personal projects it doesn’t really matter. I’ve been using Subversion without problems. Although, I’m moving my only real open source project to CodePlex which has its own system (Based on Team Foundation Server).

  6. bzr is nice for small projects since you don’t need to set up a central repository at all, not even locally; it stores all its bookkeeping in a .bzr directory inside the project. That makes getting started even easier than needing to set up a CVS or Subversion repository somewhere on your computer. With such a low barrier to entry, there’s little excuse for not using revision control, even for fairly trivial things.

    Branching is done by copying (possibly with hard links where possible to minimize space used). bzr will happily fetch external repositories via HTTP, so you can do something like bzr get Incidentally, that’s just a mirror of the “true” repository I have on my laptop. After making changes, I just rsync it to the server.

    Even though bzr supports distributed revision control, I’ve never really used it for that, so I don’t know how well it stacks up against git (which I imagine must be pretty good, given that it’s design was driven by the kernel developers’ needs).

  7. I think I’ve fixed the problem where the repository browser would stop working after a while.

  8. Aaaaand fixed some other permissions problems that came up for some reason. I think.

  9. 24 hours and no new problem. That’s a good sign.

  10. any chance music applet can work with gnomeradio, to change pre-set radio stations and stuff? also display the name of the current station? heheh

  11. It doesn’t look like gnomeradio has any kind of IPC interface that would let Music Applet work with it.

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