ur doin it wrong

Pew Foundation on Religion and Public Life: 8% of atheists \"absolutely certain\" God exists.

Source: Study by the Pew Foundation on Religion and Public Life, as pointed out by Improbable Research

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  1. That whole table is full of WTFs. The first three ‘atheist’ and pretty much all of the ‘agnostic’ ones are just nonsensical.

  2. I would expect some people to give smart-ass answers to “do you believe in God” after self-identifying as atheist, but 15%? That seems awfully high, unless atheism and snarkiness are correlated.

    Looking at that excerpt again, the real WTF is that the two “correct” answers for agnostic (“not at all certain” or “don’t know”) are the two least picked responses.

  3. I’m wondering which are snarkiness, and which are people not understanding what atheist and agnostic actually mean. “L2Religion, kthxbai”

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