I finally got around to cleaning off all the bird droppings on my deck. I learned a few things in doing so:

  • Over time, the piles of bird droppings form a histogram of where the birds like to perch.
  • Birds prefer hanging out on the rafter above the north end of my deck.
  • Individually, bird droppings don’t have much of a smell. En masse, they do. Here, en masse means about one and a half dustpans’ worth.

Now you know.

7 Responses

  1. At first I misread that as “one and a half dumpsters’ worth” and I was wondering how the hell big your deck is.

  2. I didn’t even know you had a deck! You should take pictures.

    Also, make sure the bird droppings don’t fall into your rainwater collector for your pot farm.


  3. The more you know. *stars music*

  4. In case anyone was sad to hear that the fecal histogram had been cleaned up, the birds have started working on another one already.

  5. So is it somewhat Gaussian?

  6. More of a scatter plot, really. The only way to deal with the birds doing this once and for all might be to Poisson them.

  7. I could not be happier with how that went, and neither could Tom Lehrer.

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