Thanks for that

To whomever thought it would be hilarious to pull my apartment building’s fire alarm tonight:

Die in a fire.


5 Responses

  1. People are dicks.

  2. Probably the perfect segway to encourage people to visit

    I think you have 2 dick move to be discussed now, assuming your first one wasn’t super prophetic.

  3. Jamie: This makes a terrible dick move suggestion, since the answer in this case is obvious. A good dick move suggestion is one that can reasonably be argued pro and con — it has to be both dickish and defensible.

  4. I guess that’s true. Its good to give someone an obvious one once and a while though, so they can feel smart.

    Really I was just looking to make a shameless plug, and I did.

  5. Come to think of it, the links bar is embarassingly out of date. Someone ought to take care of that some day.

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