Call for help: Music Applet 2.3.0 crasher

Several users have reported that Music Applet 2.3.0 crashes for them. Unfortunately, I have been unable to reproduce this bug myself, and none of the crash reports I’ve received have contained enough detail to suggest where the problem might lie, other than hinting that it only happens with Python 2.5. Without figuring out more information about the cause of the problem, I have no way to fix it.

If you’re experiencing crashes, you can help by trying to find out what’s causing the crash. Here’s some suggestions on how you might be able to do this:

  • Run the applet from the command line before adding it to the panel, so that error messages will be printed to the console. See the FAQ for details on how to do this.
  • If the applet dumps core, use gdb to get a backtrace, and send that backtrace to me. That should at least identify the line of code where the crash occurs.
  • Try disabling all plugins by default. To do this, before running ./configure, edit the file data/ Look for the line that says:

    <default>[Amarok,Audacious,Banshee,Exaile,MPD,Muine,Quod Libet,Rhythmbox,VLC,XMMS,XMMS2]</default>

    And replace it with:


    If the applet no longer crashes on startup, try re-enabling plugins one by one until you find one that causes the crash.

  • Let me know the versions of everything the applet is using: Python, GTK, GNOME, D-Bus (and the Python bindings for it), and the player-specific libraries used by the plugins that (possibly) cause the crash.
  • Let me know exactly what you were doing with the applet when the crash happened (i.e., adding it to the panel, launching a player, clicking one of the buttons, etc.).

Without more information from someone who’s able to reproduce the crash themselves, there’s unfortunately nothing I can do to fix this problem. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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  1. Kulinibox in trouble!

  2. It crashes for me after installation of python-dcop (3.5.7). Without this there are no problems.

  3. Let me guess, Ubuntu and Python 2.5? Does the crash persist when you run music-applet from the command line before adding it to the panel? If so, do you get any useful debugging output or a core dump? I still haven’t been able to reproduce it or figure out just what’s going on to cause it.

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