Taken down a peg

I’ve largely forgotten how to write PHP. I guess that’s proof that programming is not like riding a proverbial bicycle. Spend a few years away from it and writing code in a bunch of other languages instead, and it just kind of disappears.

2 Responses

  1. Eh, PHP isn’t really a language I’d weep for forgetting. It’s not really useful outside of a fairly niche area, and even within that area it’s not very good as far as languages go. Python and Perl are both much better for web scripting, and also for more general-purpose glue code and so on.

    PHP is basically a step up from ASP.

  2. PHP is hardly my favorite language, but it’s good enough for what I’ve got in mind. In fact, I’d happily go with static HTML and JavaScript (partially as an excuse to learn JavaScript), if not for the fact that I’d want the thing to work even with JavaScript disabled.

    Besides, PHP is already configured on my server, whereas getting a nicer language like Perl or Python set up would require a little more work.

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