kuliniewicz.org hits the big time

Thank you, spammer who decided to forge a bogus From: whatever@kuliniewicz.org header, for all the bounces and other autoreply garbage that wound up in my inbox yesterday. In hindsight, I suppose I should have blackholed all @kuliniewicz.org e-mail addresses I’m not actively using instead of leaving the default of “all of them forward to me”. Naturally, I reconfigured that pretty quickly once I saw what was happening, and so only got ~100 garbage autoreplies in my inbox from that spam.

That said, you have no idea how tempted I am to reply to all the challenge/response messages the spam triggered. You know, to repay them the favor of filling my inbox with backscatter.

Fun fact: challenge/response spam filters operate on the same principle as protecting your house from burglars by hanging your neighbor’s key on your front door with a note that he has a nicer TV than yours anyway.

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  1. Fun fact: Paul’s mailbox is read by many people who all really want to buy penny stocks and pharmaceuticals. Mine is not.

  2. Little brother of the infinite mail crisis?

  3. This used to happen all the time back when I had an email provider which didn’t give me fine-grained control over message receipt (I did use procmail to filter based on an X-Delivered-To whitelist though). For the rare messages I did see with the antispam backscatter I’d generally click on the links just to spite them, yeah.

    For a while I had some “seriously I’m not spamming you” pages on my sites for those people who actually thought that crap coming from my domains actually came from me and did plenty of legwork to track me down without doing the basic looking-into of the Received: headers. It didn’t help.

  4. Ryan: Kind of. Except replace “e-mail routing loop” with “everyone on the Internet sending you a bounce message”.

    fluffy: I haven’t seen any accusations yet to webmaster@ or abuse@ (the only other two aliases that haven’t been blackholed now). We’ll see if the average intelligence of the Internet user has increased since your experience.

  5. Fun fact: I do protect my house by hanging my neighbor’s key in front of my door. Actually, I place it under the door mat. A burglar checks under the door mat and unable to enter my house starts trying the key on the surrounding houses. So far my neighbor has been robbed 137 times. And somehow he always has a nicer TV than mine.

  6. The same thing was happening to me earlier this week. I got about 50,000 spam bounces over about 3 or 4 days. Unfortunately, I don’t have a well-defined list of the email addresses I actually use on my domain. Luckily, my spam filter caught all but a few hundred of the bounces, but it was still *really* annoying.

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