Music Applet 2.3.0 Released

Music Applet 2.3.0 has been released. In addition to a bunch of bug fixes, this release adds support for Amarok, Audacious, and VLC (0.9.0 or later). It also adds support for getting album art from Rhythmbox (0.11.3 or later), and the frequently requested feature of displaying song information inside the applet itself. Check the release notes for the full details.

Taken down a peg

I’ve largely forgotten how to write PHP. I guess that’s proof that programming is not like riding a proverbial bicycle. Spend a few years away from it and writing code in a bunch of other languages instead, and it just kind of disappears.

Call for polyglots

The next release of Music Applet is approaching, with the main task remaining before 2.3.0 ships being to updating the translations.

Here’s where you can help. According to intltool-update -r, the current status of the translations is:

ar: 73 translated messages, 33 fuzzy translations, 14 untranslated messages.
de: 8 translated messages, 23 fuzzy translations, 89 untranslated messages.
es: 8 translated messages, 23 fuzzy translations, 89 untranslated messages.
fr: 8 translated messages, 23 fuzzy translations, 89 untranslated messages.
it: 38 translated messages, 51 fuzzy translations, 31 untranslated messages.
ja: 8 translated messages, 23 fuzzy translations, 89 untranslated messages.
nb: 12 translated messages, 18 fuzzy translations, 90 untranslated messages.
nl: 106 translated messages, 14 fuzzy translations.
pl: 106 translated messages, 14 fuzzy translations.
pt_BR: 97 translated messages, 18 fuzzy translations, 5 untranslated messages.
sv: 106 translated messages, 14 fuzzy translations.

Clearly, some of the translations have been unmaintained for some time now, and trying to use them would actually be worse than not having them at all. Why? The “fuzzy” translations are ones where the string that had been translated doesn’t quite match what the program is using, so the “translation” that will be used might not actually be correct anymore. With some of these languages, the translated text is literally more likely to be wrong than right.

So, unless someone volunteers new translations for German (de), Spanish (es), French (fr), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), or Norwegian (nb), I’ll drop them entirely rather than include them in the 2.3.0 release. If you’re interested in contributing, you can download the translation files and get to work.

I’ll be contacting the translators who have contributed translations for Arabic (ar), Dutch (nl), Polish (pl), Portuguese/Brazil (pt_BR), and Swedish (sv) privately to let them know about the string changes since 2.2.1 and give them an opportunity to update their translations accordingly.

I’m planning on pushing out the 2.3.0 release sometime in about a week. If you’re interested in maintaining one of the old translations, or wish to contribute a new one, but need a little more time, let me know.

Thank you to all translators, past and present, who have contributed to Music Applet. I’m still amazed at how so many people have volunteered to contribute translations, even though this is the first time I’ve ever asked for any publicly. hits the big time

Thank you, spammer who decided to forge a bogus From: header, for all the bounces and other autoreply garbage that wound up in my inbox yesterday. In hindsight, I suppose I should have blackholed all e-mail addresses I’m not actively using instead of leaving the default of “all of them forward to me”. Naturally, I reconfigured that pretty quickly once I saw what was happening, and so only got ~100 garbage autoreplies in my inbox from that spam.

That said, you have no idea how tempted I am to reply to all the challenge/response messages the spam triggered. You know, to repay them the favor of filling my inbox with backscatter.

Fun fact: challenge/response spam filters operate on the same principle as protecting your house from burglars by hanging your neighbor’s key on your front door with a note that he has a nicer TV than yours anyway.