Happy Halloween!

Um, I mean, “Merry Christmas.” I keep getting those confused, since OCT 31 = DEC 25.


And for those of you who buy into the whole “War on Christmas” nonsense, this one goes out to you (possibly NSFW, as if you’re at work today anyway):

3 Responses

  1. OCT31 = DEC25
    Woah I am creeped out man. That is really interesting. Halloween … and Christmas… Whats the connection? And how has it worked out that the names of those two months so perfectly represent the different bases.

    Something to definitely think about

  2. I believe this is the connection you’re looking for.

    September, October, November, and December are all named after numbers. (Same with Quintilis and Sextilis, before they got renamed July and August.) They’re also all two numbers too small for the months they represent. Some clown added January and February at the beginning of the year and threw the whole system off.

  3. I say we start the war on January and February!

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