The System is Up

It appears that the DNS changes have finally started going through. I had hoped that migrating this site to my provider‘s new servers was going to be almost seamless, but so much for that.

I mean, I knew it would take some time between telling my registrar about the new name servers for and those new servers going into effect, but I assumed that the domain would keep pointing to the old server in the interim, instead of nowhere. If I had known that, I would’ve posted a warning beforehand to let everyone know. Sigh.

Well, anyway, the fact that I can access the site without any stupid /etc/hosts tricks is promising.

So, if you’re still having problems accessing this site, e-mail me at my GMail address (, since the usual could also be busted if problems resurface. But then again, if you were having problems, I don’t know how you’d be reading this anyway. Maybe your favorite page vanished during the migration or something.

Anyway, feel free to commence whatever the opposite of a lightswitch rave is in celebration.

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