Ghost of NaNoWriMo Past: Save Point

NaNoWriMo 2002 Winner

Renee asked for it, and guess what I found lurking in the depths of holly’s hard drive? (Where by “depths”, I mean in a clearly named subdirectory under $HOME.) The novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2002!

How long ago was 2002? I wrote the novel in StarOffice, of all things. This was back before existed to any great degree. Fortunately, I had generated a PDF version of the novel too. Unfortunately, the quality of the PDF was atrocious, since I think I printed to file and then converted the resulting PostScript to PDF via ps2pdf; and I did that because StarOffice’s native “Export to PDF” feature looked even worse.

Fortunately, the current version of has a usable “Export to PDF” and can open StarOffice files. Unfortunately, I had uninstalled some time ago, probably to free up a good 300 MB of disk space and because I almost never used it. So guess what got reinstalled on kryten to make a legible version of the novel that you’d actually be able to open?

Sheesh, the lengths I go for you people.

I also kept a log of my progress as I wrote. Look on my writing speed, ye mighty, and despair:

Nov 01:     0 today;      0 total
Nov 02: 1,834 today;  1,834 total
Nov 03: 2,314 today;  4,148 total
Nov 04: 2,062 today;  6,210 total
Nov 05: 2,400 today;  8,610 total
Nov 06: 2,431 today; 11,041 total
Nov 07: 2,093 today; 13,134 total
Nov 08: 2,402 today; 15,536 total
Nov 09: 2,013 today; 17,549 total
Nov 10: 2,455 today; 20,004 total
Nov 11: 2,093 today; 22,097 total
Nov 12: 2,403 today; 24,500 total
Nov 13: 2,824 today; 27,324 total
Nov 14: 2,018 today; 29,342 total
Nov 15: 2,101 today; 31,443 total
Nov 16: 2,141 today; 33,584 total
Nov 17: 2,055 today; 35,639 total
Nov 18: 2,141 today; 37,780 total
Nov 19: 2,269 today; 40,049 total
Nov 20: 2,031 today; 42,080 total
Nov 21: 2,005 today; 44,085 total
Nov 22: 2,173 today; 46,258 total
Nov 23: 4,330 today; 50,588 total

For the adventurous, you can read Save Point in the new collector’s “legible PDF” edition. Be warned, though, that I myself have never read it, let alone edited it any, so there’s no assurance of any quality whatsoever. But seeing as how I was posting it on the Internet as I was writing it back in the day, any possible embarassment has already been done.

For those two lazy to read 50,588 words, here’s the four-word synopsis of the plot: “Self-inflicted Groundhog Day“.

7 Responses

  1. Your words per day consistency is astounding.

  2. I must say Paul, having just finished reading Save Point, I think that your opening declaration of it being a “poorly written novel” is misguided. Either you were wrong, or I have excessively bad taste in literature. And I don’t believe that I do. I enjoyed it. Hence my finishing it.
    I liked the subtle changes in the day as he went through it. Nicely done. I did wonder if he was just going to jump at the end.

    Thanks for making it a legible PDF and posting it for me to read!

  3. To be honest, “Save Point: a poorly written novel” were the first six words I wrote. It was an educated guess at that point.

  4. The rebel days of Paul’s youth.
    Using six words at a time.

  5. A six-word start to a novel with a four-word synopsis. Obviously as I aged my word usage averaged out.

  6. Kimberly Silletto (Leyburn) said on November 7, 2007 at 4:38 pm

    Paul, just got done neglecting my work here at the highly-esteemed law office where I slave daily to earn my bread to finish your novel.
    Call me a chick but I loved the highway introspection part and very much liked all the rest. You have a lot of wisdom for one so young. Loved your easy flow from one scene to next.
    Renee’ was right to recommend this novel to me, you are quite the writer.
    Please take up your quill again, and soon.
    Kim Silletto (Renee’s mean old mammy M.O.M.)

  7. Thanks.

    I do have a couple character ideas bouncing around in my head, but no good way to make a story out of one.

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