Should I stay or should I go?

So apparently, the Small Press Expo is going to be this weekend in Bethesda. I’ve only taken note of this because Howard “Schlock Mercenary” Tayler and Jeph “Questionable Content” Jacques will be exhibiting there, and at the very least I don’t think Howard Tayler makes it out this far east very frequently.

However, that’s also about the extent of my interest in the goings-on there. I mean, I recognize a few of the other names that’ll be there, but they don’t register much more than a meh. So, is it worth driving down to the D.C. area (including — ick — a stretch on the Beltway and/or a really long ride on the Metro), finding parking, and paying a day’s admission to see all of two exhibitors? Which I guess would involve waiting in line, buying their merch, and having it signed, presumably in that order? (Not having been to a convention type thing like this, I don’t know for sure.)

Plus, the idea of going down around D.C. for the third time in one week isn’t terribly appealing either, but I’m open to being convinced to go.