Thank goodness I have W blue-sky lives

One can, I am told, have fun with hacked versions of Super Mario Bros.

Others might not: (warning: copious, but well-justified, NSFW language)

And if you think that hack is evil, take a gander at this:

Yes, there is an explanation of just WTF is going on there. And yes, there is a faster speedrun out there, but the one above is much more entertaining.

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  1. When Tripod showed me the top video, my first thought was – I wonder how Paul’s genetic game program would fare against this?

  2. Observation: in the first mod, one can, if good enough, get the second mushroom on the first level and then break up onto the top layer of blocks, and walk along there to the end of the level, provided you miss the really long fire wheel. Maybe this lets you go to a portal… you know, so you can see a more hellish future.

  3. Jamie, are you sure that would work? I remember once when playing one of the x-4 levels in the real SMB, I managed to get on top of the ceiling and run to the end where you fight Bowser. However, since I was on the ceiling, I could neither grab the axe to drop him into the lava nor fireball him to death, and since Bowser was still alive, I couldn’t go one screen further to find out the shocking truth of the princess’s whereabouts. End result: wait until the time expires and die. D’oh!

    I seem to recall that in the topmost hack, the ceiling is pretty much continuous for the entire level. If you never get a chance to drop down and grab the flagpole at the end, you might have the same problem. (In SMB2j at least, it’s possible in some cases to jump over the flagpole, but the level doesn’t end until you touch it.)

  4. Yeah, if you look at the end there is actually a hole right where the flagpole is. So you could just drop down and hit the very top of the pole earning W Blue Sky or more likely 5000 points.

    I do concede the point however that there is typically not a warp zone in level 1-1… that I know of!

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