Talk about dedication

As you know, YouTube limits most video uploads to about 10 minutes in an effort to prevent people from uploading TV shows, movies, and/or whatnot in violation of copyright. To work around this, of course, many users simply split a video into segments, each of which are under the limit, and then just upload all the individual pieces separately.

Not that I’ve looked very hard, but the biggest number of segments I’ve seen for a single video is 116. Yes, one hundred sixteen. Granted, most of the segments fall far short of the 10 minute limit, but still, that’s a fair bit of work.

The video in question is a complete play-through of EarthBound. You can start watching it with the first segment, if you’ve got several hours to kill and would rather watch someone else play than play it yourself.

Fun fact: Giygas‘s dialogue during the final battle was inspired by a rape scene in a movie the game’s creator saw as a child after accidentally wandering into an adult movie theater. Well, maybe not fun for him, but a fact nonetheless.

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