There are two essential components to my forthcoming entry in the OMGWTF competition. To avoid giving away any details of what I’m up to just yet, we’ll call these two components “the asylum” and “the inmates”.

These code names are obviously meant to evoke the saying “the inmates are running the asylum”. In this case, however, the inmates have also designed the asylum.

As of a few minutes ago, the asylum has been essentially completed. It’s currently filled with licensed architects inspecting the structure to make sure it isn’t going to fall down anytime soon. They’re baffled by some aspects of the design, to be sure, but it seems to be working as planned.

Hopefully they’ll be able to escape before the inmates take over. Then things are going to get seriously crazy. It’s quite likely the end result will be unlike anything anyone has ever created. Probably for good reason.

I’m also finding that C++ is a surprisingly fitting language for this project, both because it has some fairly crazy features (hi, templates!) and because it’s utterly unsuited to the fundamental paradigm those inmates can’t stop talking about.

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