X versus Amidakuji

Doing some random browsing of Wikipedia recently, I came across the entry on amidakuji. Yeah, I had never heard of it either. It’s this Japanese way to graphically do a permutation on a set of objects.

But looking at the graphic on the page, I realized, hey, I’ve seen this before:

That giant robot spider you fight in Mega Man X? Its movements are completely determined by amidakuji. It’s obvious that the spider follows the tracks that appear on the wall, but I had never realized it always takes the horizontal paths it encounters as it goes down.

Maybe I was too hung up on killing the baby robot spiders it drops on you to notice.

(And for the record, I totally would’ve put together my own screen shot and/or video instead of grabbing something off of YouTube, if not for the fact that my SNES emulator has recently fallen victim to this bug.)

Next time: more stuff I found while randomly browsing Wikipedia!

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