Trivia Question

Which member of the Ship of Fools, past or present, has a tattoo of Kurt Vonnegut‘s signature?

The answer whenever I get around to posting it.

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  1. Hmm… well if I guess at random I’ve got a 4% chance.

    I’m immediate guess is Benji, because you could have obtained this information during the Yogate scandal. Upon further consideration, I doubt it’s Benji, as about all of us have seen Benji without a shirt and while playing ankles.

    My gut says its a founding fool, so I’m going to go with Colin “Long Plank” Reindi.

    I look forward to the answer and incorporating it into SoF-pedia, but for now I must write the article on Irish Drinking Pyramid or I’ll have a PEN STUCK IN MY JUGULAR!

  2. His name rhymes with Tron Meffley.

  3. So either its John “Word Ninja” Heffley, or Kevin “Last Name Withheld for National Security Reasons” pronounces his first name Kevon and his secret last name rhymes with Meffley. I’m not jumping to any conclusions.

  4. Oh wow. Just when I thought I had grasped the weirdness of this group…

  5. As every John Heffley knows it’s John Heffley. His livejournal is called Hurt Johnegut which incidentally enough rhymes with Kurt Vonnegut. Circle takes the square!

  6. Ryan:

    I’m pretty sure that you couldn’t ever fully grasp the weirdness this group…

    –This concludes the part of this comment that anyone except MAYBE Paul will appreciate.–

    …I haven’t proven said impossibility, but I might be able to do so using some kind of analogue to Galois Theory. Certainly our group doesn’t have a proper tower of normal subgroups that would be required for such graspibility.


  7. Sorry everyone, but the answer is Jon Heffley. Spelling counts.

    And Jamie, if you don’t stop making bad group puns, I’m going to have to ring your neck.

  8. Wow, I have many responses to that:

    1. Is that a threat or a promise? To be honest, such physical abuse would be acceptable if it heralded a visit from you.

    2. I’m still not sure you fully grasped how bad that pun was, did you take MA 454?

    3. Once again, you’ve demonstrated that the only good math puns are in fact meta-puns pointing out the fact that my math puns are bad. Recall: Linear Algebra

    4. I find it awesome to discover that you were webmaster of the Math Club. I now have much more respect for the office. (Okay, Co-Webmaster, sorry Moser)

  9. No MA 454 for me, so I’m spared the full understanding of how allegedly bad the pun is.

  10. Spelling counts?!!? WTF mate? It should be like Jeopardy! where the spelling is not a deciding factor if the answer is clear.

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