East Coast Survival Tip

Never get between a Marylander and his crab cakes.

In the end, neither Jeffrey Rites nor Keith Anthony Rantin Jr. got any of G&M Restaurant and Lounge’s famous crab cakes for lunch.


What was at stake was who would eat first. So coveted are G&M’s crab cakes that not only do lines of hungry devotees stretch out the door, but the delicacies can be ordered online and shipped overnight anywhere in the country. Baltimore magazine named them the best in the region in 2004 and 2005, according to the restaurant’s Web site.

Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Dunty maintains that Rites, 39, of Violetville, responded before Rantin, 31, a Reisterstown barber and home rehabber, when the “who’s next?” call went out at lunchtime March 28.

Asserting that Rites was not next, Rantin began arguing, and the confrontation went from words to shoving to the stabbing, the prosecutor said.

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