Music Applet 2.0.0 Released

The latest version of Music Applet, the GNOME panel applet that makes it easy to control your favorite music player, is out!

Why the big jump in version number? While at first glance not much has changed, plenty’s different under the hood.

Music Applet 2.0.0

OK, a little has changed at first glance. Music Applet now supports album art; the song information tooltip will also show you any artwork associated with the current song. (Well, usually it will. It doesn’t work with Rhythmbox yet.)

Preferences Dialog

Music Applet also now gives you more control over the applet’s appearance than just showing or hiding the rating display. This should be helpful for people short on panel space.

But that’s all small potatoes compared to this:

Plugins Dialog

No longer are you stuck with whatever player support was available at compile time; Music Applet now has a plugin system that will make it much easier to add support for new music players without having to worry about recompiling things.

Or compiling anything for that matter, as Music Applet has been reimplemented in Python. Those plugins are just little Python scripts you can drop into a search directory that the applet checks at startup.

If you don’t care about plugins, that’s fine. Music Applet ships with plugins for all the players that older versions supported, so you shouldn’t run into any problems upgrading. In fact, this should make it easier for third-party distributors, since they can ship all the plugins together without forcing you to install a bunch of support libraries for music players you don’t want to use. If the dependencies for a plugin aren’t available, the plugin will quietly disable itself.

In other words, the applet should just do the right thing, without you having to worry about anything.

Download Music Applet 2.0.0 now!