Weather is Broken

This past week it’s been getting into the 50s and even the 60s during the day (with a record high set last weekend), despite this being, as my calendar insists, the middle of December.

And if that weren’t weird enough, it was foggy today. On the drive home for work. Fog at sunset? That’s just messed up.

[To anyone wondering why nothing interesting has been posted lately: blame Samus.]

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  1. The title “Weather is Broken” reminds me of when River states the Shepherd’s “Bible is broken.”

    Totally missing hiding a plush duck with you,

  2. Paul, I didn’t know you had a gamecube! If you’ve got Super Smash Brothers Melee, practice up, you Ryan and I need to duke it out sometime.

  3. ‘Twas a relatively recent acquisition. Apparently I try to stay one generation behind the latest Nintendo console.

  4. Paul;

    The atmospheric phenomenon known as “Afternoon fog” comes from a layer of dense, moist, cold air trapped at the surface below a layer of warmer air. The colder air is trapped at the surface and eventually moisture condenses out and forms a cloud at the surface, otherwise known as fog. It normally happens in the morning, yes, but can happen at any time, day or night, depending on the broader mesocale circulation and moisture profile of the air.

    Aside from that, I hope you have your Wii on, ’cause I gots myself 4 controllers, a Wii, and a huge ass TV to play on for the Christmas party this weekend. Too bad Mario Party 8 isn’t out yet…

  5. Sure, it makes sense if you’re some kind of meteorologist, but nothing you say will change the fact that today, December 18, it got up to around 70 degrees. That ain’t right.

    And rest assured, I am looking forward to video games on Wii.

  6. Weather screwed up my skiing trip. By not having enough snow.

    Clever puns, though. As usual.

    And staying behind the gaming curve does have a few advantages, one of them being saving a ton of money.

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