Ready for Festivus

Today I accomplished all my shopping for Festivus, Festivus Anti-Eve, and Boxing Day Eve. (OK, technically that’s a lie.)

And since we’re on the subject of the Airing of Grievances, here’s one: online stores that time out when you hit the “order” button. Did it get the order or not? Who knows?

(Actually, you can tell if the store has a combination register-for-an-account-and-order-something-too page; open up a new tab and try to log in to your new account. If it fails, the server didn’t process your request.)

(And if you can figure out from that parenthetical paragraph what store I was shopping from when that happened, and figure out who I was shopping for, and figure out what I bought, more power to you.)

In other news, now that I’m trying to use separate passwords for each account, I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion I can only remember O(log n) passwords at a time.

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