Triumphant/Abundant Return

Since last Saturday was Chuck and Christina’s wedding, I headed back to West Lafayette, Indiana for the weekend. Of course, the wedding itself was just part of an elaborate plan to trick me into returning to campus during Purdue’s homecoming weekend. (That’s right, I know all about The Plan; what did you think I was reading on the plane, anyway?) Despite being aware of this foul play, I decided to go nonetheless, as I didn’t want Them to know I knew.

Unlike last time I headed to Indiana for a wedding, the travel itself went off without a hitch, aside from the fact that I now understand that your typical driver in Lafayette would get eaten alive in Maryland. I finally got to campus in time to catch the tail end of that evening’s improv club meeting, the running of which is going smoothly under its new management.

On the way to head out en masse for food after the meeting, I rode by the new CS building, you know, the one they’d been talking about ever since I was a freshman and that finally opened this semester. From the glimpse I got going past it looked as though they had picked up the stargate from Cheyenne Mountain‘s going-out-of-business garage sale, but apparently it was just some some loopy “sculpture” in the lobby.

After that, T-Rex, Tripod, and Alex graciously let me crash at their apartment. Luckily and strangely, they had a spare matress and box spring in their hallway which I was able to avail myself of. (I can only assume the hallway matress is there in case Hallway ever needs to do his eponymous thing.) Given the free mattress, only downside to crashing at Ryan’s apartment is the near-constant Game loss when in his proximity.

Come Saturday morning, I drove down to, um, the greater Lebanon area, I guess, for the wedding. This is where my deepest fears about The Plan coming to fruition made themselves felt, as the directions took me from interstate highway to rural highway to lane-and-a-half rural routes through cornfields. Fortunately, the little resort where the wedding was to be held finally emerged. I thus felt a little safer, but only a little, because statistically speaking it was probably one of the roughly infinity billion potential terrorist targets in Indiana according to DHS.

The wedding went off with only two hitches. The first was the wedding being moved indoors due to the threat (presumably due to the aforementioned terrorists) of rain. The second hitch was, of course, the wedding itself. The reception afterwards offered up plenty of oddness, and I’m not just talking about the orange cake in the buffet line. For example, the bride and groom sat at a small table apart from everyone else, including the rest of the wedding party. I can only assume it was meant to symbolize their new ostracism from the community, I guess? There was also the band, who I’m going to affectionately call The Sound Check Experience, because they spent way more time than anybody needs doing sound checks, including, in what I thought was a particularly tasteful decision, during the pre-meal prayer and the toasts by the best man and maid of honor.

After food and lots of time catching up with more friends I hadn’t seen in months (including Andy “I caught E. coli before catching E. coli was coolOber), we blew bubbles at the bride and groom as they left, because apparently throwing rice causes birds’ stomachs to explode, and throwing birdseed attracts birds (go figure!). Or at least, some of us tried, but the wind preferred to blow them back in our faces.

After driving back up to West Lafayette, I hanged out for a while with Tripod’s extended D&D group, which was just wrapping up in time for dinner, followed by a little Katamari and Smash Bros. action. And after that I went over to Hillenbrand Hall for some Settlers of Catan action with T-Rex, Jenny, Tripod, Cowboy, and an RA.

Fun fact: that Saturday was the longest continuous time in which I wore a tie.

Sunday, Tripod and I attempted to get a network game of Alpha Centauri, but judging from Wireshark‘s output, the Windows and Linux version of the game use not only different ports but also different protocols (TCP v. UDP, though I can’t remember which does which), so we ended up hotseating for a while. Also, I’m not entirely sure, but Tripod and T-Rex might’ve gotten me hooked on House.

Alas, after adjusting for travel time, the weekend soon drew to a close, and soon I had to head back down to Indy for my flight back out east. Stupid passage of time. But I showed it; I waited a week before writing this. In your face, fourth dimension!