Aye, today be Talk Like A Pirate Day!

If ye land lubbers and bilge rats not be understandin’ how to talk like a pirate, here be a training video I plundered from YeTube:

And if that tharrr instruction be goin in one ear and out ye bilge hole, here be an example:

4|-|0′/, /\/\47135! 1 b3 L00|<1|\|’ 70 d0\/\/|\|L04D 4 (0P’/ 0Ph 74LL4D394 |\|19|-|75. |\|0\/\/ |\|0R/\/\4LL’/ 1′D b3 45|<1|\|9 1|\| ‘/3 1R( (|-|4|\||\|3L, bU7 ‘/3 5(UR\/’/ 0P5 /\/\4D3 /\/\3 \/\/4L|< 7|-|3 pL4|\||< Ph0R |\|07 0PhPh3R1|\|’ 4|\|’/ 0Ph /\/\3 0\/\/|\| b007′/ 1|\| 3><(|-|4|\|93.

And remember, this best be the keyboard ye be usin’ today, else ye be walkin’ the plank!

Pirate Keyboarrrrrrrrd!

2 Responses

  1. Haha- oh, um I mean Harrharrharr. That be fantastic!

  2. Arrr!
    Ye linked the same video in me journal, but I be forgettin’ that there picture. Ye post be marrrrvelous!

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