301 Moved Permanently

It’s time for a little bookmark-updating action:


Yes, after all that deliberating over a domain name, I ended up going with the one I initially rejected out-of-hand: kuliniewicz.org. Why? All the names I liked and that were available were also bizarre enough that I’d have to spell them out anyway. (Fun fact: the word-I-just-made-up rephlogisticated.org is not only unregistered, but as of this writing “rephlogisticated” has zero hits on Google! [That’s right! Phlogiston, bitches!] Hasn’t anyone ever given any thought to undoing the effects of dephlogistification?)

Besides, “kuliniewicz” is in my e-mail address anyway, and for the past few years it’s almost been in all my URLs, so why bother changing? And since “kuliniewicz” is practically a GUID, it’s unlikely I’ll encounter much competition for the namespace.

I’ve migrated essentially all the files I care about from Purdue’s server to my new digs at HCoop, and as you can see, my old blog redirects here now. Nothing else does yet, though, and lots of links in earlier posts here still point to the old site. That’ll be fixed all in due time.

So, I advise all of you to update your bookmarks at your earliest convenience. I figure Purdue will shut off my account sometime during the fall semester, so don’t wait too long.

And of course, if something looks broken over here, it probably is. Let me know and I’ll take care of it.